Atlantic Marketing Association

The Atlantic Marketing Association began in 1982 as the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Association. The first conference was hosted at, what was then, Albany State College. Eleven research papers were presented and the luncheon speaker was Franz Ehrhardt, president of Kayo Oil Company a subsidiary of Conoco Inc. Walter Burgess and Ghanbar served as both editors and co-chairs, and Randy Wahlman was the treasurer.  In 1985 the association changed its name to reflect a broader positioning strategy and became the Atlantic Marketing Association.

The Atlantic Marketing Association is a national organization that concentrates on merging academic theory with real world business practices. Members include academic professors, doctoral students, and business professionals from around the globe. Our annual conference is typically held the first week in October to share research ideas and discoveries through presentations and special sessions.  The Atlantic Marketing Association publishes a refereed proceeding of conference papers and produces an online academic publication, the Atlantic Marketing Journal. 


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Board of Directors

Deborah H. Lester

(Executive Director)

770 423 6469

Kennesaw State University

Dolly Loyd

(Associate Director)

601 266 4633

University of Southern Mississippi

Michael A. Jones

985 549 2394

Southeastern Louisiana University

M. Meral Anitsal

Tennessee Tech University

931 372 3391

Ismet Anitsal

Tennessee Tech University

931 372 3471

Peggy Shields

University of Southern Indiana


Kathleen Gruben

Georgia Southern University

912 478 0348

R. Keith Tudor

770 423 6060

Kennesaw State University

Blaise Waguespack

386 226 7235

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Kimball Marshall

Robin Self

Walter Wymer

Kathryn Dobie

Dave Glascoff

Tom Pritchett

Doug Fugate

Randall Ewing

Cathy Swift

Shirley Stretch

Sammy Amin

Don Thompson

J. Gordon Long

Don Self

Dave Moore

Past Executive Directors

Kathleen Gruben(2009-2011)

R. Keith Tudor (1998-2008)

Gene Teeple (1986-1997)


Jerry Wilson

Georgia Southern University


Walter Kendall,

Tarleton State University


The R. Keith Tudor Service Award

Former Atlantic Marketing Association Executive Director, Keith Tudor, receiving the first Dr. R. Keith Tudor Award for Service to the Association. The Board of Directors for the Atlantic Marketing Association established the Service Award in his honor and to recognize the tremendous contribution he has made to the organization.